Niranthara Aahara

Food is an essential need to live. Under the Niranthara Ahara Initiative, we serve nutritious free food to hundreds of patients and their attendants all over the city of Bengaluru. From Victoria Hospital to Kidwai Memorial Cancer Hospital, we are constantly trying to reach out to larger groups of people to help keep hunger away.

If you can’t feed hundred people, then feed just one

What you can do


We find our path towards an empowered society through the support which we receive from our donors. With the help of your contributions, we continue to strive towards our vision. The money received is rightfully invested through our initiatives to uplift the underprivileged.


Heartfelt compassion leads to action and not many work selflessly without any expectations. The very motive to change our world for the better has been driving our fellow samaritans who have been a part of our journey. We are grateful to the volunteers who have contributed wholeheartedly in all our endeavors.


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