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Sarthaka Foundation is aimed at bringing the change


Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. From rice and pulses, to rugs and money, every contribution can help in making someone’s life better. Help us with what you can and we will help you discover a new feeling of accomplishment.

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Working Together to

Change Lives

“The smallest and the most random act of kindness can transform our lives for better” Sarthaka Foundation began its journey with 14 couples who wanted to do something special for the society. The dream was to help the needy and forgotten part of human society in any way possible. Today with the support of the GenNxt, Sarthaka Foundation has been able to fulfil the dream and continue to expand further.


Support a Child for Education

“No child can thrive and grow without the support of the world around them and education is the biggest support of it all.” Under our watchful eyes, we promise to help as many children as we can with opportunities by educating them. To help them become an equal part of the future society we support them through our flagship initiative ‘Support a Child for Education’ (SCE).


Wall of Kindness

Organised since 2019 at the NR Colony Camp, the Wall of Kindness is a quarterly initiative based on the motto of “Adding Value to Waste”. Voluntary donations in the form of clothings are given out to the ones in need. Afterall, clothing is an integral and essential necessity everyone needs.


Skill Development Center

“Knowledge is power but skill is the ability to hone the knowledge in the right direction.” We have two training centres and a tie-up with NICT to provide Computer skills with industry approved certifications for completing their primary computer and Tally skill training. On average, each centre trains 200 people every year and helps them become confident to apply for jobs at prominent organisations.

Stories of Trust

The purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion, and the will to help others. Your sheer act of kindness can change a life. Hear the stories from people who uplifted others and brought sunshine to many lives.

The donations received are exempted under the Indian Income Tax Law 80G and the donations received are fully utilised in carrying out the services rendered by our Foundation

Let us all put our hands together and support the vision of Sarthaka Foundation in any which way to ensure that the dreams of underprivileged children are not hindered

When my family first donated a small amount to the Trust, it was when we got to know the real activities of Sarthaka Foundation. That has inspired me to get our organisation to get partnered with Sarthaka Foundation in promoting education

We are happy to be associated with Sarthaka Foundation in imparting skill education to the students. The best part is that the children who take training at the Skill Development Centre of Sarthaka Foundation are offered placements along with the certification that will be an added weightage when applying for numerous Private as well as Government jobs

I found out about Sarthaka Foundation through word-of-mouth and got to know about their next wall of kindness through a social media update and volunteered for the same. This started my journey with Sarthaka Foundation and I am thankful for the experience I’ve received

The quality of training is very good. Infact, the quality can rival the best of Computer education institutions.

Coming from a village, using a computer had always been overwhelming until I took up a course at Skill Development Centre. Now, I am confident that I will survive wherever and have the skills to be independent and also support my family


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