Who are we?

Sarthaka Foundation is a Non-Governmental and Non-profit Organization founded on 30th January 2017, with a group of Thinkers and Doers.

Our organization is comprised of 14 like-minded couples (Board) along with the team of Genxt (Youth Wing).

We, the team of Sarthaka Foundation, have an appreciation towards life and we aim to support the needy people in the society by making them learn, making them earn and develop confidence to lead a better life.

Our Core area of expertise include Education and Clothing.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people.” ― said John Holmes.

Meet our trustees!

Name of Trustees: Standing Top Line L to R:
Sri Gopala Krishna C R Sri Dinesh Kumar M S Sri Dattathreya S Meda Sri Jatangi Radhakrishna Sri Naveen Kumar M B Sri Makam Krishnamurthy Dr.Venkatesh Babu N S

Standing Middle Line L to R:
Smt.Lakshmi Dinesh Smt.Shashikala C G Sri Manjunatha Guptha K M Smt.Kota Rajeshwari Sri Kota Amarnath Sri Jagannatha Setty C N Sri Ramaprasad A R Sri Gopala Krishna P S Sri Nataraj V R Smt.Vasudha R Jatangi Sri Amarnath M S Smt.Amrutha Nataraj Standing Bottom Line L to R: Smt.Vasanthi K M Smt.Anitha M N Smt.Geetha C J Smt.Geetha G Krishna Smt.Neetha Datta Smt.Padmalatha Prasad Smt.Veena Venkatesh Smt.Makam Lakshmi Smt.Sarala Amarnath

Our panel of trustees includes retired President of Ambuja Cement and maratha cement, renowned doctor, Builders, industrialist, eminent jweller and more. We have all joined hands and come together with the same self actualization to serve the underprivileged.


& Mission

Our Vision

“Bringing Happiness to People’s Lives”

Our Mission

  1. 1. To add value to youth and children by supporting their education and skills to make them self-reliant.
  2. 2. Provide essentials food, clothing, skills, and whatever it takes for the underprivileged in our society.
  3. 3. Be the bridge between “wish-to-help community” and “need-the-help community.”

What do we do?

We wish to become the bridge between “wish-to-help community” and “need-the-help community.” Sarthaka Foundation is the hard work of a group of benevolent human beings and their children in their zeal to transform the future of every deprived child.

Our primary program verticals include:

  1. 1. Support through Educational Scholarship for children in need of financial support and also children who have lost/ don’t have an earning parent.
  2. 2. Skill Development Training to help become self-reliant and independent sooner.
  3. 3. Sarthaka Super School Program to help SSLC and PUC students in understanding their subjects better.

Our other programs include

  1. 1. Rug Seva during winters by the GenNxt brigade to help the roadside dwellers with warm rugs and blankets
  2. 2. Relief during emergencies like Cyclones and Pandemics
  3. 3. Wall of Kindness Camp is held quarterly to distribute clothing to the needy

Why Sarthaka Foundation?

In simple words, “We Are Different and we are better” Rather than going through the conventional norms of Non-Profit Organisations, we prefer dedicating our heart and soul to our mission. We are a Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Niti Aayog registered Non-profit organisation with a trademarked name. Donations to our organisations are exempted to donors under 80G and our Sarthaka Foundation is registered under 12 AA Income Tax guidelines.

  1. 1. Our programs are curated to help children in need regardless of their religion, race, caste, gender or place of birth.
  2. 2. We visit each applicant ourselves to understand their requirements and help them accordingly.
  3. 3. Mother-dependent children are the focal point of our scholarship because we do not want a single-parent child to lose the chance of education for want of financial resources.
  4. 4. Donors are directly involved in the cheque distribution, when the cheque which is addressed to the school is handed over to the beneficiary.
  5. 5. Our campaigns blend the older founding generations and the young future brigade to successfully implement a program.

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